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Annual and Sustainability Report 2020

31 March 2021 10:09

2020 was a particularly challenging year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we further cemented the company’s role as an indispensable partner by rapidly adapting our services, devoting additional time to each client, and training our officers to handle more digital tasks and new services, such as Covid-19 access control screening. Today, many of our employees are trained to handle the frontlines of the coronavirus-related challenges for our clients. 

With our services in high demand, Securitas is well positioned for the future. Our ambition is to double the security solutions and electronic security business by 2023, compared with 2018. We remain on target with our strategy and activities within the four focus areas.

Client engagement is about finding ways to deepen our client partnerships through an expanded value proposition, shared values and ethics.

Securitas already has the most comprehensive services portfolio in the industry, and we are continuously strengthening our offering.

We are investing in our IT and business platforms to boost efficiency across the company. 

Our employees’ engagement, pride and passion are vital for our continued market leadership. 

Securitas Annual and Sustainability Report 2020: PDF

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