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How to report misconduct and non-compliance at Securitas

Every voice at Securitas is important. We rely on our colleagues and external stakeholders to speak up whenever any situation threatens our core values and our reputation. That is why we have established the Securitas Integrity Line, where cases of non-compliance can be reported.

At Securitas, our people make the difference each and every day. We are proud of the way they demonstrate our core company values of vigilance, integrity and helpfulness, while protecting people and assets across the world. These values define who we are and they lead our decisions and actions. 

Reporting concerns gives us information we need to remedy the situation and prevent similar situations from happening again. We also believe that everyone should feel safe enough to speak up. The Securitas Integrity Line is a confidential reporting system for our employees and others. 

Securitas Integrity Line 

This is a tool contributing to a healthy corporate culture, where people can see that their voice is heard and actions are taken accordingly. If you are a Securitas employee, partner, investor or other kind of Securitas-linked stakeholder and would like to report a case of non-compliance related to our company, you can file your complaint via the Securitas Integrity Line. The platform is available and monitored 24/7.   

Securitas Integrity Line is not meant to replace the responsibility of management. We encourage you to report your concerns to your local HR, Legal representative, or management, whenever possible.  

 Additional reporting channels 

If you are based in North America or Mexico, an additional communication channel is available via the Securitas Hotline:  

  • USA: 1-800-574-8637 
  • Canada: 1-866-528-6556 
  • Securitas Transport Aviation Security: 1-855-249-5707 
  • Mexico: +528000991170 

All reported cases of non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics, regardless of the reporting channel, are investigated and documented according to the Securitas Whistleblowing Policy and local regulations. 


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