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Securing the Summit of Young Social Media Influencers

27 August 2018 09:56

Date: August 20~24, 2018
Location: 5-Star Hotel in Seoul

Challenge: South Korea hosted a summit of young influencers from social media sharing sites. This event invites big names from all over the world for a week of activities, networking opportunities, interesting speakers and cultural activity. For this summit, the main hub was at a 5-star hotel in which the whole building was rented and dedicated only for this one event. One would surmise that this could be secure. However, shops and other private businesses were spread across multiple floors and required regular business hours. Additionally, many of the attendees were high net worth individuals which have particular associated risks. The main risk however was the potential of being mobbed by fans. So how can you secure these young influencers?

Solution: Securitas Korea liaised with the hotel security during the planning stage. Operational and tactical plans were drawn up to secure the location and identify potential risks to the young influencers. Floor plans and incident specific evacuation procedure with contingencies were prepared for the eyes of key personnel only. Security officers were posted in key strategic entrances and exits to restrict access of unauthorized personnel or uninvited guests. Escorted security was provided when the activities were taken outside of secured locations.

Result: These young social media influencers enjoyed their time at the summit without concerns about the security risks of being mobbed by fans. The organizers were happy with the service delivered and Securitas can consider this as another successful project.


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