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Securitas Takes on an Embezzlement Case

30 July 2018 17:00

Date: 2017~2018
Location: Industrial Complex

Challenge: With the corruption scandal that erupted in the last quarter of 2016 with South Korea's Administration, the law enforcement agencies have been cracking down on fraud, embezzlement, and corruption practices within commercial companies. At this time, Securitas Korea was engaged to investigate an embezzlement case that had been exposed. This incident had allegedly occurred due to the company's lax security controls.

Solution: A risk assessment was conducted at the Industrial Complex to ascertain the loopholes which allowed this embezzlement to occur. It was determined that there were not enough security measures and controls taken around the entrance and exits to key areas. Aside from the incumbent security providers, Securitas Korea was contracted to provide additional security solutions which included both manguarding and electronic security - CCTV cameras were installed along the key points of the perimeter and inside critical areas of the site and a combination of static and foot patrol security officers were inducted to mitigate against further intrusion into prohibited areas and minimize the opportunity of data breach.

While the investigation followed the money and the movements of the suspect were being undertaken by the Securitas Consulting Team. Town hall meetings and exit interviews were conducted to determine who were complicit to the alleged activities. With sweeping changes in company policies, it was anticipated that the employees would protest. As a precautionary measure, Securitas provided support while these were being handled by the client's local management team. Different pressure points were identified and mitigation measures were incorporated into the contingency plan tailored for this client.

Result: Throughout the duration of this investigation, no significant incidents took place. Securitas Korea was able to restrict access to disgruntled former employees who attempted to enter the vicinity of the Industrial Complex. Securitas also provided security coverage and safeguarded key local management resulting in the delivery of service that matched potential flashpoints with sound operational mitigation measures.


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