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Union Protests under the Watchful Eyes of Securitas Korea

31 October 2018 08:53

Date: June 2018~October 2018
Location: Seoul Office Building

Challenge: For over two decades, labour unions have made a mark in South Korea's economy. Labor activists are quite rampant in staging strikes and protests especially for large enterprises and conglomerates. With the current administration's labor reforms, unions have taken up the banner in demanding better working hours, higher pay and regularization of employment. Despite the reputation of South Korea having peaceful demonstrations and policies that ensure protests are registered beforehand, union picketing and protests do disrupt the daily work life of other employees.

Solution: Securitas Korea was contacted by one of our clients to provide additional levels of security to monitor the union picketing and protesting for one of their offices in Seoul. The demonstrators were allowed into each floor due to their union settlement and our security officers were on hand in case any escalation occurred between the demonstrators and Securitas Korea also provided executive protection for one of the managing directors who was the target of the union protestors as they camped outside his office. All our officers were briefed and trained in de-escalation and conflict management.

Result: All security personnel were on constant standby in case an unannounced or unregistered protest occurred. All personnel were ready to mitigate risks and de-escalate disturbances. Under the vigilant eyes of Securitas personnel, there were no serious incidents.


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