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Security Operations Center

All our services and solutions are expertly managed and controlled in our Security operation centers (SOCs). This Security Operation center is where advanced technology meets skilled personnel, leveraging proven processes and strict protocols to deliver the best customer security and service.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) becomes this one force - coordinating the security solution – connecting people, technology and knowledge.

The SOC plays a key role in providing high-performance security. From here, our security services and solutions are managed and controlled. At the SOC, people and technology are combined through established processes and protocols, coordinating customer security and service. Data from all incidents that occur and security services provided are directed through our SOC and managed by trained professionals. Our operators are experts in quickly addressing problems and solving them according to protocols and customer requests. The information gathered in our SOC is used to take the correct action at all times, giving our customers high-quality security around the clock. Improved analytics, analysis and precise customer feedback reports are also facilitated by our SOC.

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