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Security Consultancy

To ensure that we provide the best possible security solution for your operations, we must first work together to conduct a risk inventory and analysis. From there, we offer ongoing security consulting services to ensure that your security solution is always at the right level.

Securitas assists clients with preventing, controlling and mitigating disturbances and losses in organizations, operations or assets. Our client portfolio includes a broad range of private and public sector organizations, including sectors such as insurance, banking and finance, manufacturing, energy, media, pharmaceuticals, food, transportation and services as well as government agencies, municipalities and public sector enterprises. 

Security consulting can also be provided worldwide by our subsidiary Pinkerton. Click here for more information about their services. 

Risk assessment  

Securitas can carry out a risk assessment based on the ISO 31000 principles and provide you with a comprehensive synopsis with all the relevant data.  

During a site visit together with the client, our experts (using a mobile device) identify and evaluate your risks. security solution that fits your individual security needs will be designed based on these findings. The assessment helps identify and map weaknesses and risks at your site or in your operations. The findings of the analysis, based on a degree of probability, are discussed with the client and potential improvements are proposed to eliminate risks and reduce incidents or damage. 

We capture which scenarios can occur as well as when and where. The modus operandi is analyzed for each risk to be able to target risk countermeasures. In this way, we receive decision data that we can use later to prepare a solution concept with you. This procedure saves costs for you and raises your security level. 

The interactive risk matrix shows you the prioritized risks. This providean objective information base for further management decisions. the different risk solutions that are available could positively impact the site’s security level. 

In the risk assessment report, you will find comprehensive documentation of the conducted risk assessment. It contains clearly prepared information regarding the details identified and discussed as part of the assessment  from the risk matrix to the image, documentation and recommendations for action.  

Your benefits 

  • Inspection of the existing security concept 
  • Increased security awareness 
  • Presentation of weak points and damage effects 
  • Identification of optimization potential 
  • Recommendations from practice 
  • Proposal of adaptation of the existing security concept 
  • Development of cost-efficient and modern security solutions 

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